Pink Foods Industries


PINK FOODS IND is one of the region’s pre-eminent branded food businesses. We produce some of the best known and loved sweet and snacks, with products ranging from biscuits, non- dairy creamers, chocolate, cornflakes and cocoa powder. Our unrivalled portfolio of brands continue meeting consumer needs and includes such favourites as Aby aby’s, Chela’s,

PFI holds leading or strong position in its core markets in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, and Congo. Moreover our brands and products have global appeal. We have a rapidly growing international business unit serving consumers from within the region and beyond.

PFI seeks to drive sustainable performance in all it does. This includes delivering consistently on our promise to consumers, serving our customers, developing and engaging actively with our employees, delivering superior financial results to our owners’ year in year out, minimizing our impact on the environment and interacting constructively with the communities in which we operate. We are investing in the future whilst delivering results today.

PINK FOODS IND was founded and incorporated on the 29th August 2011 following the partnership of Mr. Stephen Sembuya, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Abdulrahman Mivule. PFI was licenced by Uganda Investment Authority on 7th December 2011 to operate in Uganda.

We’re Uganda’s leading luxury biscuit manufacturer. We make incredible brands to the highest quality standard that our consumers love.

We’re making biscuits across the region and we do it well. We are passionate about our brands and we know our consumers are as well.

We know how to retain category leadership by anticipating consumer needs. We know when people want to change what they eat and we help them do it. We recognize our customers’ needs.

Our expertise is evident in everything we do – from age-old chocolate making techniques to modern.

We excel because our people excel. We look after them, develop them, and nurture them. We give them training and teach them what we know.

We are always considering our responsibility to the communities we work in. We want to help our employees, their families and neighbors by providing jobs and training, contributing to the local economy and helping where we can with schools and charities.

Our sense of responsibility extends to the global environment in which we live. We were one of the very first food manufacturers to publish a commitment to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment, from reducing carbon emissions to packaging waste.

We are always looking to the future, building on the tremendous heritage of our past, to grow, create, evolve and be the best that we can be.